Siera Desktop

Create endless local agents with the click of a button. With Siera Desktop as your developer assistant, you can create invitations, receive credentials and receive proof requests in no time.

Siera Desktop Preview

A desktop wallet, and so much more

Spend your valuable time on the application you are building, not on complicated ways to test it.

Open source

Contributions welcome.

More features are being added constantly. Help us build them!

User friendly

A simple, clear UI.

Accessible for any experience level. SSI is hard enough, let your dev tools be easy.

Community driven

Join the conversation.

Let us know what you want to see in a great developer tool and what you are using Siera for.

Coming soon: a complete toolbox

Siera Desktop will soon be able to issue and verify credentials, making it a complete toolbox for SSI development. Siera is making Aries-based self-sovereign identity development as simple as possible.

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